South Jersey town has a rural beer scene feel

I recently spent some time in National Park, NJ and wanted to share the small beer scene it has with you. There are plenty of places to get some craft beer if you so choose. National Park is a very small town tucked away in the corner of Gloucester County, NJ. It sits on banks the Delaware River and is right across the water from Philadelphia. In fact, a ferry boat used to run from National Park to the Philadelphia Navy Yard years back. The places to find beer in the National Park area are Winks Pub,  Zoe’s Place, Rossiter HallPark Place Bar & GrillePark Wine & Liquor Shop, Cattails Bar & Grill, and Geisler’s Liquor Store in neighboring Thorofare, NJ. I took some pictures to give you a visual of the experience National Park has to offer beer and small town fans.

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