Greatest hits of brewjersey, so far!

I have a secret I want to talk about and share with you. Some of you may already know this and some may not. The blog brewjersey was conceived for a class at Rowan University called Online Journalism I. As the semester has now come to a close I wanted to let you know of my future plans for brewjersey. I will be continuing with the blog and with my searches for craft beer and good bars all over South Jersey, Philly and wherever I may be.

I may take a small break from blogging and use a bit of time to figure out exactly where I want to bring brewjersey in the future. Here are a few posts to keep you interested and hold you over until I begin again. These are some of my greatest hits for the blog so far. Until my next post please explore and enjoy all brewjersey has to offer local craft beer fans. Thank you for taking the time to read brewjersey! ~Lance

Where to find good craft beer bars in South Jersey

South Jersey town has a rural beer scene feel

Rowan alumni makes home brewing in LA a priority

Recent local craft beer endeavors

Baseball season is near

Dogfish Head’s Tap Takeover at the Khyber Pass Pub

Local craft beer bars, how I’ve missed you

Brew Your Own Bottle serves South Jersey home brewer’s needs


We recently got a plug from our friends at Down-Home South Jersey. Check it out here.


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