Foobooz names top 50 Philly bars

Read about it in the Philadelphia City Paper.

The full list from Foozbooz.


Great Local Beer Special

Lazy Lanigans Publick House in Sewell, NJ is selling Long Island’s Blue Point Brewery‘s Toasted Lager for $2 a bottle while supplies last. I was able to enjoy this special this past Tuesday night and it was a great tasting deal.

I have also recently visited The Village Pub in Swedesboro, NJ and Nipper’s Pub in Deptford, NJ. Both place have good menus, music and craft beers on tap and in bottles.



Blue Point



Welcome to Brew Jersey

Hello everyone! My name is Lance Feltman and I live in the Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia area. I have always loved great beer. My friends often wondered why I would try out unheard of beers while they always would stick with the major names. The answer is simple, craft beer is amazing and different. Tasting a new good beer for the first time can be a life changing experience.

My goal in writing this blog will be to try out craft beers all over the South Jersey, Philly area and share with you my experiences. I want to review the beers I taste and tell you about the great bars that serve them. I’d like to interview some brewmasters in the area and the people who decide which brews to carry. I want to learn more about not only what beers are currently out there, but what might come next and the business of craft beer.

In the upcoming weeks and months please look for my entries to my exciting new endeavor! Thank you,